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11 boozy dates you dont want to miss in 2022

Make sure you have a calendar on hand because you are not going to want to forget these 11 international booze holidays for 2022. 

There's a special day for all your favourite drinks, and like a good friend's birthday it would be unsavoury not to celebrate!

March 3 - International Irish Whiskey Day

Kick off March with international Irish whiskey. Wether its a classic like Jamesons or something more boutique like Method & Madness you can't go wrong. Enjoy it on the rocks or with a mixer, it doesn't matter, just make sure you enjoy it!

March 27 - International Whiskey Day

Next where not jumping too far on the family tree to international whiskey day. With a little more on the option board you can get a little more creative in how you celebrate. Maybe it's a whiskey sour, a Manhattan, or the classic old fashioned.

May 6 - International Sauvignon Blanc Day

May brings us international Sauvignon Blanc day. With so many to choose from you can't go wrong. Choose cool-climate Australian options if the fruit-forward Kiwi drops that dominate the market leave you cold.

May 13 - World Cocktail Day

World cocktail day is a fun one where you and your friends can really get creative. Plus it falls on a Friday this year so maybe you can get carried away for this one?

May 17 - Pinot Grigio Day

May 17th sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of one of the the world's most popular white wines for pinot grigio day.

May 22 - World Paloma Day

Get the grapefruits ready and start salting the rim cause may 22nd is world Paloma day. Tequila or mezcal it doesn't matter!

June 3 - World Cider Day

Coming into June we have world cider day. Flavour and ice is up to you.

June 11 - World Gin Day

Next up we have world gin day and yes it would be wrong not to celebrate this with a negroni, but hey that's just my opinion.

June 25 - International Rosé Day

Rounding out the end of June we have international rosé day. Sweet or dry it doesn't matter just make sure the hue is pink!

Aug 5 - International Beer Day

August gives us international beer day, the perfect excuse to pick up a special bottle or two or work through a slab with mates.

Oct 28 - Global Champagne Day

Closing out our list of important international holidays is the global champagne day. A drink that is appreciated the world over it's no wonder this global sensation has a global day dedicated to it.


So there you have it, 11 dates in 2022 that you're surely going to want to prepare for and celebrate.