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5 Of The Best Malibu Rum Cocktails

Malibu has long been the favourite among white rum drinkers the world over and for good reason. With its signature smooth, creamy finish and the hints of coconut it's no wonder Malibu is the most bought rum worldwide.

Malibu is a versatile spirit that can be used in cocktails for many different flavours and purposes. Some of the best rum cocktails are made with Malibu rum.

With its clean, crisp taste, Malibu rum is a perfect choice for any tropical-themed cocktail as well as a perfect rum to mix with sodas and juices.

Here are five of our favourite Malibu recommended cocktails to make when we want to be somewhere tropical in an instant.


1. Malibu Pina Colada


50 ml Malibu Original

75 ml Pineapple juice

25 ml Coconut cream



Add your ingredients into a shaker and shake vigourously.

Pour over fresh ice, garnish with some pineapple and enjoy.

You can also blend this cocktail for a slushy version.


2. Malibu Mojito


50 ml Malibu Original

15 ml Fresh lime juice

100 ml Soda water

10 Mint leaves  



Muddle your fresh mint and lime juice in the bottom of your glass.

Add your Malibu and fresh ice. Top with soda water, stir and enjoy.  


3. Malibu Fizz  


25 ml Malibu Original

15 ml Fresh lime juice

15 ml Cranberry juice

Top up with sparkling wine



Pour your Malibu, lime juice and cranberry juice into your champagne flute.

Top up with some sparkling wine and enjoy!  


4. Malibu Frozé


50 ml Malibu Original

100 ml Sparkling rosé wine

20 ml Lemon juice

20 ml Simple syrup

2 Peach wedges  



Add all your ingredients into a blender with a scoop of fresh ice.

Blend until a smooth consistency.  


5. Malibu Sun Berries  



50 ml Malibu Original

100 ml Orange juice

3 Raspberries

Orange slice to garnish  


Add your raspberries to your glass and muddle.

Add your Malibu and orange juice and stir with fresh ice.

Top off with orange garnish and enjoy.


These are 5 of our favourite cocktails Malibu recommends to cocktail it up with Malibu Rum Original but you also can't go wrong with keeping it simple. Malibu is the perfect mixer with a splash of cola or ginger beer. It also goes well with juices, lemonade and coconut water.