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Get Winter Ready With These Amazing Fireball Whisky Cocktails

I'm sure when you first think of Fireball Whisky what comes to mind is a group of friends in a dive bar with a row of Fireball shots lined up in front of you.

Whilst this is an experience every college student deserves (no judgement), Fireball Whiskey is so much more than that. 

If you're feeling down in the dumps this winter, it might be time to lighten up with a few fireball whisky cocktails. These drinks are sure to get your spirits up and help you celebrate the season.

Whether you're looking for a new drink to get you through the long nights or just want to enjoy some delicious flavours during these colder months, these cocktails are perfect for you.


1. Fireball Sangria

Sangria is the perfect drink to warm you up during this cold winter weather. This fireball sangria recipe is a delicious way to get your winter party started! With only three ingredients plus fruit its super easy to make in bulk making it the perfect dinner party punch or afternoon social mixer.


1 cup of a citrus based juice (orange/lemon/grapefruit)
1 cup Fireball whiskey
1 bottle dry red wine

Sliced fruits for garnish


This ones super easy. Simply add all ingredients including your slice fruits into a large pitcher with ice and mix well. Serve in a stemless wine glass. 

I love using rosemary as a garnish for this sangria I find it compliments the cinnamon nicely.


2. Fireball Hot Toddy

The Fireball Hot Toddy is a winter cocktail made with Fireball whisky, lemon and honey. It is a spicy and warm drink that is perfect for those cold winter days and a great excuse for an alcoholic beverage when you have the winter flu, win win!


240mL hot water
60mL Fireball Whisky
1/2 tablespoon honey, (or more as necessary)
1/2 lemon, juiced

Cinnamon stick to garnish


Another super simple one to make. First bring your kettle to boil. Next add your Fireball whiskey, hot water, honey, and lemon juice to a large mug and stir. Let sit for a moment and enjoy!

For added flavour you can steep your hot water in tea before hand. I enjoy a lemon ginger tea.


3. Pink Cinnamon Lemonade


If you're looking for a delicious cocktail to warm you up during the winter months, look no further than the Fireball Pink Lemonade. This drink is made with lemonade, Fireball and grenadine, and it's sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you're sipping it solo at home or mixing it up with some friends for a fun night out, this cocktail is sure to get your spirits up!


180mL Lemonade
60mL Fireball whisky
6 dashes aromatic bitters

Lemon slice & mint to garnish


Pour your lemonade, Fireball and bitters into a tall glass or stemmed wine glass. Stir and taste, adding more bitters until you reach the desired colour/flavour. Garnish with your mint and/or lemon.

To make a pitchers worth of Pink Cinnamon Lemonade simply times ingredients by 4 and prepare in a pitcher. 


4. Fireball Mule

The Fireball Mule is a take on the classic Moscow Mule. The drink is made with Fireball whisky, lime juice, and Ginger beer. It is served over ice and garnished with grenadine and a cinnamon stick. This refreshing cocktail packs a punch that'll surely help you sweat out your June gloom.


60ml Fireball Whisky
120ml Ginger Beer
15ml fresh lime juice
4 dashes aromatic bitters

Cinnamon stick to garnish


In a copper mug, add Fireball whisky, ginger beer and lime juice over fresh ice and stir. Top with 4 dashes of bitters (at your discretion) and stir once more with your cinnamon stick garnish.


5. The Dragons Blood

If none of the cocktails are inspiring you and you're wanting to go back to the classic fireball shot we challenge you to go the extra mile. Why not try the dragons blood. It's sure to pack a punch that you'll be sure to notice in the morning.


45mL Fireball Whisky

1 to 10 dashes of hot sauce (we use Tabasco)


Fill a shot glass with Fireball whisky and top with 1 to 10 dashes of hot sauce depending on how game you are.