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The Best Drinks to Make with Four Pillars' Most Iconic Gins

Four Pillars are modern Australian makers of gin with numerous accolades to show for their hard work and dedication to expanding and exploring the world of gin and is placement in the Australian spirit scene.

There is no doubt that gin has become one of the most popular spirits in the world. In fact, it is estimated that there are currently more than 1,000 different types of gin on the market.

This popularity has led to gin being placed in a number of different contexts, including cocktails, tonics and even food items (something Four Pillars is also excelling at).

In Australia, where gin is considered a national spirit, it is often used in cocktails such as the Gin & Tonic and the Martini. Today however were going to be having a closer look at two of Four Pillars' amazing gins and a couple of the best cocktails they recommend one make with them.



Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is a classic gin made with juniper, coriander, angelica, and cassia bark, just to name a few. It has a dry, refreshing taste that is perfect for making martinis and other classic cocktails.

Wanting to create a gin that represented contemporary Australia. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin was created as an approachable gin with both spice and citrus but above all is dangerously delicious. Looking at the awards it has garnered since its fruition it's quite clear they achieve their mission and the Australian public certainly agrees as it is quickly becoming Australians go to Gin.


The Tom Collins is a classic gin cocktail that dates back to the 19th century. Easy to make and refreshing to drink this cocktail showcases Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin amazingly.


50mL Rare Dry Gin
25mL fresh lemon juice
15mL sugar syrup
Soda water to top up

Lemon to garnish


Firstly shake your gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup with ice in a shaker.

Next you're going to strain into a highball over fresh ice.

Top your glass with soda and add your lemon garnish.


The Bloody Mary is a classic hair of the dog cocktail enjoyed the world over. Four Pillars' version sticks to the original but is made better with the bold gin flavours of their Rare Dry Gin. Boldly red and snappy this Bloody Mary packs a punch with both spicy and savoury aspects to its profile.


45mL Rare Dry Gin
100mL fresh tomato juice
20mL fresh lemon juice
15mL Worcestershire sauce
Tabasco sauce

Lemon & celery to garnish


Build all liquids in a highball glass over ice (tabasco sauce to your discretion)

Stir well to combine all ingredients

Garnish with a celery stick and lemon wedge




Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is a high-proof gin that Four Pillars blends each year with Victorian Shiraz grapes for 8 weeks before pressing. The result is a deep, rich purple in hue gin with a distinct and equally iconic profile.

Lovely and sweet on the palate with spice on the finish, Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is stronger than sloe gin and deserves a place as a bar fridge staple in any Gin connoisseur's kitchen.



The Bloody Spritz is a Four Pillars spritz that blends the Bloody Shiraz Gin with grapefruit for an amazing bubbly citrus experience. Perfect for a summer afternoon or luncheon with the girls.


30mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
30mL grapefruit juice
30 mL soda water
90mL sparkling wine

grapefruit to garnish


Add your ingredients to a wine glass over ice and give a stir.

Top the rest of your glass with sparkling wine

Add your grapefruit garnish and enjoy!



The Bloody Floradora is Four Pillars' modern take on an old-school classic cocktail that's been around since the 1900s. This semi sweet cocktail is zingy and ever so slightly spicy with a beautiful hue of purple to send you into a trance as you casually sip to your heart's desire.


50mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
25mL fresh lime juice
60mL ginger beer

Lime to garnish


Squeeze your lime juice into your shaker

Add gin and shake over ice before straining into a rocks glass

Top up the glass with ginger beer and fresh ice

Add lime wedge garnish