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We've all heard of Moscow Mules but what about the others?

We’ve all heard of a Moscow Mule before, most of us have even had one. Originally invented in 1940s Hollywood as a marketing ploy to sell more Vodka and copper mugs, the crisp and refreshing taste has allowed them to remain a cocktail list staple ever since.

Recently however I was with a friend of mine and they introduced me to the Mexican Mule. It was something I had never heard of but essentially it is the same ingredients you just substitute vodka for tequila. Since this lesson I’ve come to learn there are a lot more Mules out there than I’d originally thought.

Firstly the Classic Moscow Mule is a vodka based cocktail with ginger beer, fresh lime juice, built, stirred and poured over ice. Served super chilled preferably in a copper mug, this classic is both stunning to look at and excitingly refreshing to enjoy.

Next we’ve got the Mexican Mule; simply mix your favourite tequila with fresh limes and ginger beer then garnish with fresh mint or add some jalapenos if you're feeling spicy.

The Kentucky Mule is very similar; you simply use a Kentucky bourbon as the spirit.

Irish mule you’re looking at your favourite Irish whiskey I personally love Jameson.

All of these Mules are simply a substitute of spirit to cater to one's preference but all maintain the crisp, spicy, refreshing taste of the original Mule.

The Gin-Gin Mule is a fragrant combination that pairs amazingly with the classic ginger, and lime flavours of the Mule; you're just using gin over vodka for this one and then I garnish with cucumber.

The Glasgow Mule however mixes things up a little; you're using scotch instead of vodka and lemon juice rather than lime . The result is a tart and spicy cocktail that still manages to retain its ginger lime origins.

The Jamaican Mule uses a Jamaican rum, or any Caribbean rum you have available works as the spirit too. The flavour profile is a sweet & tropical mule.

Then the newest addition I have come across recently is the Morning Mule which goes back to the original spirit vodka but uses ginger beer and orange juice instead of lime. The taste is almost as if a Mule and a Mimosa had a love child they didn't want you to know about.

So whether it is Kentucky or Moscow you're trying to be, morning or night, it's the Mule that will take you there. With its simplicity and spicy refreshing flavour, as well as the fact it's easy to make, the Mules' many variations are not going anywhere. Which begs the question which Mule’s next, maybe Bondi?



Ingredients for the Classic Moscow Mule

60 ml Spirit
15 ml Lime Juice
120 ml Ginger Beer



Simply build ingredients over ice, stir and garnish with mint or lime.