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Brookie's Australian Craft Gin With Native Botanicals

Australian Gins are currently in their boom era with Distilleries popping up all across the country.

Regional Botanicals are key to great Australian Gin, as each region has its own unique botanical profile that contributes to the final product.

For example, Tasmania is well-known for its juniper berries, Queensland for its oranges and lemons, New South Wales for its grapes and Victoria for its eucalyptus.

These ingredients are blended together to create a unique flavour profile that sets Australian Gins apart from their international counterparts.

Cape Byron Distillery is one of the leading distilleries in Australia and they use regional botanicals to give their gin a distinctively Australian flavour.

Majority of which come from there own property in the sub-tropical regions of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales.

The botanicals used in Brookie's Gin are important for two reasons.

First, they contribute different flavours and aromas that work together to create a complex and flavourful drink.

Second, each region has its own unique set of plants that can provide the necessary compounds for a great gin. By using regional botanicals, Brookie's is able to create a drink that truly reflects the richness and diversity of Australia, and specifically to the region they call home.

Cape Byron Distillery has been lauded for their exceptional regional gin, sourcing 25 botanicals for their Byron Dry Gin, 17 of which are sourced locally many from their very own rainforest.

This gives the drinker a sense of connection to the drink and the environment. Botanical diversity is key to great Australian gin, as is using locally sourced botanicals.

By sourcing these ingredients in such a way, Brookie's gives drinkers a unique experience not found anywhere else.

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Year round Cape Byron Distillery works with their land to create their products. In Spring, flowers and fruits come into season.

In Summer, the rainforest brings new life as different kinds of Raspberries and Riberries come into fruit.

Autumn & Winter bring new flavours to the landscape, alongside perennial favourites such as Native Ginger, Cinnamon & Aniseed Myrtle.

You can see how year round the Cape Byron Distillery are utilising the land to create amazing spirits that represent the region they love so dearly.

The Cape Byron Distillery is also responsible for regenerating the land it is found on with over 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees being planted since 1988. Furthermore their actions have brought native plants back from the brink of extinction. 

The Davidsonia Jerseyana or Davidson Plum, which is endangered in the wild and endemic to the Northern Rivers region, is the main ingredient in the Brookie's Slow Gin.

Through cultivation of this plum, by a hand full of local community members, it was able to live on and since the release of the Slow Gin Brookie's has become the largest consumers of the Davidson Plum.

Check out Brookie's Slow Gin here

This lead them to further generate the land around their distillery and saw them planting 1000 Davidson Plums saplings.

Proof that using local botanics is not only great for the taste of your gin, but even more importantly, using native botanics is great for the local environment and Australia's amazing native species.


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Cape Byron Distillery incorporates local native flora into all their products. Wether it's their 'Shirl the Pearl' Cumquat Gin, their premix Gin and Tonic with native finger lime or their multi awarded macadamia Brookie's MAC. Liqueur.

All their products are both amazing and unique in terroir to the region but also play an integral part in the regeneration and protection of the ancient sub tropical region of the Northern Rivers. 

They're a perfect example of how sustainability and success can go hand-in-hand in the Australian liquor market