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5 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Ever heard the saying, “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”? No? Wait, perhaps it’s an apple a day... Anyway, the point is, the benefits of drinking wine are real. Particularly in comparison to cocktails, which are like the evil cousin of the alcoholic drink family. We’re all about Team Wine, so we only need one reason to feel good about indulging in this particular pleasure: it’s delicious. But today, we’re going to give you five! Yes, that’s right. Here are the top five health benefits of wine vs. cocktails...


Benefits of drinking wine

Lower in sugar

Ok, let’s start with the most important health benefit first. Sugar has been described as “poisonous” to the body. And it’s not necessarily the alcohol in your cocktails that’s doing the damage. It’s the mixer. Even tonic water is full of sugar, though it may not taste super sweet. Wine, on the other hand, doesn’t contain too much sugar. This is because, during the fermentation process, the sugar from the fruit gets turned into alcohol. Sweet!

Lower in Calories

More sugar means more calories. Cocktails, therefore, are way more calorific than wine. A shot of whisky, gin, brandy or rum has 115 to 125 calories. But with mixers, the calories really skyrocket. For example, a White Russian has 270 calories (from fat as well as sugar, because of the cream), a Margarita has more than 400 calories and a Pina Colada more than 600! A small glass of wine, by contrast, is around the 100 calorie mark. Sold! Our tasting tubes are 100 ml- so definitely fewer calories than a cocktail.

Cleaner and more natural

You might think that some cocktails are healthy because they’re fruity. Maybe if fresh fruit was actually used. But most cocktails served in bars are made with pre-made fruit mixes. These are full of artificial flavourings and fructose corn syrup. Wine, on the other hand, actually is made from real fruit. It’s the product of a natural fermentation process that’s been around for millennia. And because it’s made from real grapes, wine is full of antioxidants. Wine is also a natural blood thinner, acting in the same way as aspirin. This study found that resveratrol in red grape skins - when turned into wine - could protect against stroke. And this is particularly beneficial for us ladies. But remember, only in moderation!

Boosts libido (in women)

Yes, ladies, a study has found that a glass or two of red wine may increase a woman's libido. One theory put forward by the study is that the antioxidants “widen the vessels and increase blood flow to key areas of the body” (ahem); thus, putting you in the mood for love...

Encourages Moderate Intake

The more you learn about wine, the less likely you are to skull the contents of your glass. By tasting wine and educating yourself on its complex flavours, you can feel satisfied by the process of tasting; not the outcome of drinking. It’s recommended that ladies stick to one glass per day. This may not sound like much; but in a single glass of wine, you could smell the vanilla, pepper and plum of a cool climate Shiraz, or taste the citrus, stone fruits and oak flavours of an aged Chardonnay. So satisfy your taste buds by taking them on a journey to flavour town!

It’s all about quality, not quantity. It’s the same with food. Depth and complexity can actually make you feel fuller. A recent study shows that subtle manipulations of texture and flavour can “suppress hunger regardless of actual calorific content.”

So there you have it; five benefits of drinking wine that should inspire you to ditch the cocktails. If you’re still not convinced, why not give our Wine Subscription Box a try? We’ll select and deliver to your door six different wines from over 100 Aussie wine regions, so you can taste Australia’s best-hidden wine gems in a healthy and educational way.