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Clare Valley Wine Region

A Guide to South Australia's Wine Haven

Welcome to the Clare Valley Wine Region, where the wines are as crisp as the morning air and the landscapes as charming as the locals. Nestled in the heart of South Australia, the Clare Valley is renowned for its exceptional wines, particularly its world-class Rieslings.

With a cheeky sense of humour and a hearty dose of Australian hospitality, this picturesque region is the perfect destination for wine lovers, foodies, and those in search of a delightful rural escape.

Clare Valley Wine

History of Clare Valley Wine Region

Early Settlements

The Clare Valley's viticultural history dates back to the 1840s when European settlers saw the potential of this fertile land and thought, "Why not grow some grapes?" And boy, are we glad they did!

Birth of the Wine Industry

The region's first vineyards were planted in the 1850s, and it didn't take long for the Clare Valley to make a name for itself in the Australian wine scene. Fast forward to today, and the region boasts over 40 wineries and 5,000 acres of vineyards, offering a diverse range of wines that tantalise the taste buds of connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

Recent Developments

As the Clare Valley continues to thrive, so does its reputation as a premier wine destination. Secret Bottle offers an exclusive wine tasting experience for those who want to explore the region's fabulous wines from the comfort of their homes.

Climate and Terroir


The Clare Valley's climate is a wine grape's dream come true. With warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights, the region's climate is ideal for producing wines with intense flavours, balanced acidity, and elegant complexity.

Soil Types

The terroir of the Clare Valley is a delightful mix of fertile red and brown loams, as well as slate and limestone. This diversity lends itself to the unique character of the region's wines, making them stand out in a crowd.

Grape Varieties


The Clare Valley is synonymous with Riesling, producing white wines that are nothing short of liquid gold. With their zesty citrus and floral notes, Clare Valley Rieslings are renowned for their refreshing acidity and remarkable aging potential.


Not to be overshadowed by its white counterpart, Clare Valley Shiraz is a force to be reckoned with. These red wines boast rich flavours of dark fruit, chocolate, and spice, along with velvety tannins and a smooth finish that will leave you craving more.

Other Varieties

The Clare Valley isn't a one-trick pony when it comes to grape varieties. The region also produces other varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Grenache. This diversity allows winemakers to experiment and create an array of tantalising wines for every palate.

Notable Wineries

Kilikanoon Winery Clare Valley


Kilikanoon is a standout winery in the Clare Valley, known for its exceptional Rieslings and Shiraz. Founded in 1997, this award-winning winery focuses on crafting wines that express the unique terroir of the region.

Jim Barry Wines

Established in 1959, Jim Barry Wines is a family-owned winery that has become an icon in the Clare Valley. With a focus on Riesling and Shiraz, this winery consistently produces outstanding wines that showcase the region's distinctive character.

Paulett Wines

Nestled in the heart of the Clare Valley, Paulett Wines is another must-visit destination for any wine lover. Known for their exquisite Rieslings and Shiraz, Paulett Wines never fails to impress with their dedication to quality and innovation.

Tim Adams

As a noteworthy addition to the region, Tim Adams winery has made a lasting impression on the Clare Valley wine scene. Founded in 1986, Tim Adams is committed to producing exceptional wines that reflect the region's unique terroir and climate. Be sure to taste their signature Rieslings and Shiraz, which are both bold and elegant.

Wine Tasting Experiences

Guided Tasting Tours

Embark on a guided tasting tour and immerse yourself in the Clare Valley's vibrant wine scene. You'll sample a variety of wines, learn about the winemaking process, and maybe even make a few new friends along the way.

Food Pairings

Many Clare Valley wineries offer food pairing experiences, where you can indulge in the region's wines alongside mouthwatering local cuisine. It's a gastronomic adventure that's not to be missed!

Accommodations and Attractions

Places to Stay

From luxurious resorts to quaint bed and breakfasts, the Clare Valley has accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Rest easy knowing you're surrounded by the beauty of this enchanting wine region.

Activities and Events

The Clare Valley isn't just about wine; it's also a hub for outdoor activities and events. Visitors can enjoy cycling, hiking, and even hot air balloon rides. Don't miss out on the region's annual events, like the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend, which celebrates the best food, wine, and music the region has to offer.

How to Get There

The Clare Valley is just a scenic 90-minute drive north of Adelaide. Simply rent a car or catch a bus, and you'll be sipping on a glass of world-class Riesling in no time.


The Clare Valley Wine Region is an alluring destination that offers a delightful blend of history, breathtaking landscapes, and exceptional wines. With its diverse grape varieties, legendary wineries, and unforgettable wine tasting experiences, this charming region is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in the finer things in life.

Clare Valley FAQs

    • When is the best time to visit the Clare Valley Wine Region?
      The Clare Valley is a year-round destination, but spring and autumn are particularly lovely, with pleasant weather and vibrant colours.

    • Do I need to book winery tours and tastings in advance?
      While some wineries welcome walk-ins, it's a good idea to book tours and tastings in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment.

    • Is the Clare Valley family-friendly?
      Absolutely! The Clare Valley caters to visitors of all ages, with many wineries offering kid-friendly activities and facilities. There are also plenty of family-oriented attractions in the area, like parks, trails, and museums.

    • Can I purchase wine directly from the wineries?
      Yes, most wineries in the Clare Valley have cellar doors where you can buy their wines directly. It's a fantastic opportunity to bring home a taste of the region to share with friends and family.

    • How many days should I spend in the Clare Valley Wine Region?
      A weekend getaway is enough to get a taste of the region, but if you want to fully explore and appreciate the Clare Valley, consider spending three to five days. This will give you plenty of time to visit various wineries, savor the local cuisine, and partake in the many activities and attractions the region has to offer.