Introducing Our New Wines From The Secret Bottle Wine Club - Secret Bottle

Introducing Our New Wines From The Secret Bottle Wine Club

This month we're looking at a broad spectrum of wines coming out of Australia at the moment.

From an amazing skin contact white to a small batch Shiraz Mataro straight out of the McLaren Vale. We're really exploring the different approaches wine makers are making across the country to create some truly exceptional and unique wines.

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First up:

Whistler Shock Value S.M.G 2021

This wine is designed to be an easy drinking red wine that over delivers for the price. The Shiraz component gives the wine a nice blue fruit character and good depth of flavour, the Mataro gives the wine structure and an earthy character, while the Grenache shows plenty of juicy red fruits. This is the perfect BBQ wine, and works extremely well chilled in warmer weather.

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Some Young Punks Naked by Punks Shiraz Mataro

Naked, now without roller skates. 2020 Naked, keeping the vibe alive. 85% Shiraz, 15% Mataro. A single site in Kangarilla.

Some Young Punks has developed a devoted following in the Australian market, with younger drinkers identifying with both the attitude and the quality of the wines. Striving for varietal and vintage honesty, Punks are wines to notice, and enjoy, with growers providing fruit from throughout South Australia to produce these lovely small volume wines. Kangarilla specifically for this awesome Shiraz Mataro blend.

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cake Wines 2016 Sagrantino

Sagrantino is an Italian grape from the Umbria region in central Italy. The wine is often big tannins and generally needs about two decades to mature. Cake Wines 2016 Sagrantino, made with softer tannins by leaving it on skins for an extended period, is a pretty awesome view into the world of Sagrantino without having to wait two decades to mature.

Look for plums, blackberries and the classic big tannins from cake 2016 Sagrantino. Perfect for drinking from now until 2026.

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Whistler Back To Basics Skin Contact White 2021

This wine has beautiful drinkability straight off the bat. Slightly hazy from a no fining - no filtration philosophy, this haze will continue to sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Shake it up and drink it cloudy, or decant by pouring each glass slowly - its your call. Served best at about 14 deg, it's a perfect aperitif. Watch this wine develop over the next few years.

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Some Young Punks Monsters, Monsters Attack! Riesling


Some Young Punks Monsters, Monsters Attack! Riesling is an off-dry Riesling from the Clare Valley.  Sourced from two different vineyard sites. One in the north at Slaughterhouse Road and the other in the south at Watervale. The resulting wine is laden with racing acidity and brilliant florals and a whiff of lemon & zest. Perfect to drink now!

‘We make charismatic wines that are true to what we think “wine” should be about. Each wine, each vintage, and each label is a moment that will never come again...Each time we make a wine it may be the last wine we make - and if it isn’t worthy of being the last then it will never wear the Some Young Punks name.

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cake Wines 2018 Pinot Gris

Cake Wines 2018 Pinot Gris is 100% handpicked, crushed and destemmed then gently pressed, fermented in 1-2 year old French oak (15%). Post ferment, lees string 3 times per week for 10 weeks...this is what is driving the creamy, textured, moderate acid, nutty finish. On the nose you'll get fresh cut pear, fleshy lemon, white peach, spiced honey, on the palate emerges a textural with baked apple pie, fresh cream, cashew nuts, peach and ripe lime flavour.

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There you have it 3 exceptional reds and 3 truly unique whites that showcase just how different Australian winemakers are truly showing there really is wine out there for everyone.

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