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Size Matters With Wine Bottles

When it's time to celebrate, it's time to forget the simple standard bottle and time to reach for something bigger and more impressive, but what are they called?

We have all seen the end of a Formula 1 race, the guys on the podium shower the crowd and each other in champagne from huge bottles, or walked into a bottle shop and seen larger than life display bottles that couldn’t be real, surely!

[thrive_headline_focus title="Wine Bottle Sizes" orientation="left"]Here is your guide to wine bottle sizes from the smallest to the largest.

Volume Name Standard Bottles Name Meaning
375ml Demi ½ bottle “half” in French
750ml Standard 1 bottle
1,500ml Magnum 2 bottles
3,000ml Jeraboam 4 bottles Biblical founder of Isreal, also ‘double magnum’
4,500ml Rehoboam 6 bottle Biblical, son of Solomon, King of Judah
6,000ml Methuselah 8 bottles Biblical oldest man lived to age 969, also called ‘imperial’
9,000ml Salmanazar 12 bottles Biblical king of Assyria
12,000ml Balthazar 16 bottles Biblical one of the 3 wise men
15,000ml Nebuchadnezzar 20 bottle Biblical king of Babylon
18,000ml Solomon 24 bottles Biblical, King of Israel, son of David

Wine Bottle Sizes

Some wine regions around the world also have slight different variations to wine bottles sizes and names. In Australian Wine regions it is rare to see anything above a magnum available at the cellar door so you’ll usually have to buy French Champagne.