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Sommeliers Series - Intro (plus 3 Great Wine Movies!)

Sommelier is simply defined as ‘a wine waiter’, but that’s like saying Penfold's Grange or Chateau Margaux are simply bottles of wine.

Sommeliers are passionate experts that have dedicated themselves, and their career, to learning and understanding every nuance and characteristic of wine and wine regions worldwide.

Don’t for a second think that after a weekend in The Hunter Valley trying wine you can match it with a sommelier, as you haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

For the best sommeliers, it's a dedication, an obsession.

Tony has been talking to a handful of sommeliers around the world learning more about their philosophy in wine, how they design wine lists, pair wine with food and work with executive chefs.

Part 1 is simply an introduction to the series and a list of the amazing sommeliers that will be sharing their insight and passion with us in the months to come. We thank each of the following rock stars for taking the time to share their knowledge. If you ever have the opportunity to drink and dine in their restaurants make sure you introduce yourself.

Andres Aragon
Group Sommelier
360 Bar & Dining

I've known Andres for a few years, Chilean-born, great knowledge of international wines, introduced me to the Lebanese wine Chateau Musar

Andrew Cullen
Court of Master Sommeliers
Senior Operations Manager

I've loved Andy's award winning lists for years, incredibly experienced, in Australia he headed wine at Guillaume, Catalina, and Bilson's before moving to Dubai.

Andrew Cameron    
Beverage Director / Sommelier
Burnt Ends

The most unique in our group, Andrew is a mixologist, microbiologist and beverage expert. His understanding of flavour pairing is second to none.

Emmanuel Benardos
Group General Manager
Unlisted Collection Hotel Group

Mikee Collins
Wine List Curator
NOLA Smokehouse

I've known Mikee since 2011, he's been in restaurants and bars for years and has a great outlook on interesting and well-rounded wine lists.

Zack Musick
Merriman's Kapalua

I met Zack on holidays in Maui last year, when we visited our new favourite Merriman's and we ordered a bottle of Chateauneuf-Du-Pape

Until next month and the start of our Sommeliers Series here are a few movies every wine lover has to watch. . .


1. Sideways

Two middle-aged men take a weekend trip to California’s Napa Valley. Paul Giamatti from the TV show Billions plays such a powerful pinot noir loving eccentric in the lead role that it single-handedly leads to a 30% increase in Napa Pinot prices almost overnight.

2. Red Obsession

An Australian documentary narrated by Russell Crowe about the rising demand in China for the world's best red wine, predominately French and Australian, and what that's doing to prices and availability worldwide, and what the future hold for the wine industry.

3. Somm

The Master Sommeliers Exam is the highest achievement for a professional sommelier. Somm is a documentary that follows the highs and lows of a group studying, or more correctly obsessing, over their upcoming for the exam and the future of their careers.

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