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      Wine gifts, cocktails & spirit gift packs and hampers for your alcohol loving friends.

      These packs are perfect for a friend, client, mum, dad or other relative who enjoys a drink - pick from Champagne, whisky, gin, Espresso Martini, recipe books and more.

      Here we've got cocktail tools, gift packs with glasses, personalised monogrammed gifts, gift hampers, cocktail and wine books and more.

      Our Secret Bottle gift subscriptions are always popular - get 3 or 6 boutique Australian wines a month, with our tasting notes. If you're looking for a one-off, we heartily recommend the Malfy Gin tasting pack, which has four 50mL samples of incredible Italian gin.

      Technically, most gin is a type of flavoured vodka! Vodka is a neutral unaged spirit, with flavoured vodka introducing flavouring agents to this, and gin usually begins as a neutral spirit and is flavoured to bring the gin character - the required note is juniper, though using many more is common.