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      We're big fans of the pink stuff at Secret Bottle, and we've got plenty of options available. Try a Mystery Pack if you'd like us to send a few stellar options your way at a great price.

      Rosé is fresh, flavourful, and food-friendly. Pick from a great selection of rosés suitable for all sorts of occasions, budgets and palates here at Secret Bottle.

      Rosés can be sweet or dry, light or rich, and made from a variety of red grapes.

      Our Rosé Mystery Pack isn't just a great deal - it's also our most popular Rosé option!

      Rosé and red wine are both made from red grapes (which are actually somewhere between deep red and purplish-blue in colour), but with rosés, the skins are removed shortly after pressing the grapes and don't get a chance to flavour or colour the wine much. Rosés are lighter and less tannic than red wines because of this, and usually served chilled.