The agaved-based signature spirit of Mexico, tequila never fails to get the party started. Try one of our premium Tequilas in a Margarita, Paloma, or just neat.

      Because you want to be a party-starter and a trend-setter. Australia's still warming up to tequila, but it's coming in a big way!

      Tequilas can be añejo (aged), reposado (rested), blanco or plata (white or silver), and can be made from a blend of base materials or from pure agave.

      The añejo tequila from Avion is our most popular tequila.

      Both are brown or golden tequilas, but reposado ("rested") is aged very briefly in oak and añejo ("aged") can sit in flavourful oak barrels for up to four years, or even longer. Añejo tequilas have more brown-spirit flavours of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel, while reposados simply smooth out some of the pepperiness of white (blanco) tequila. Any of the three types is great in a Margarita - feel free to experiment!